Ricola Cranberry Sugarfree Herb Drops 45g Sugarfree Box



Cranberries are originally from North America and are related to the lingonberry, which is native to Europe. When ripe, they are a deep red colour and are full of vitamin C, beta carotene and minerals. Already the North American natives used the powers of the berries. For its Cranberry sweets, Ricola has combined cranberry juice concentrate with its familiar 13-herb mixture to provide a refreshing experience.

*gluten free, lactose free and only with natural flavours & colours. ”

“*Ricola is your choice for sore throat or colds

*Fresh feeling in your mouth for a long time

*Reduce coughing because it contains a mixture of natural ingredients

*Reduce irritation in the mouth or throat

*sugar free

*Made in Switzerland with lots of love and care.


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