Omron A3 Complete Nebulizer for Child & Adult


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Nebulizers transform liquid medication into small droplets (aerosol) that can be inhaled.
Inhalation can allow the medication start acting faster than taking pills or injections. For an inhaled medication to be most effective it should be targeted directly to the area that needs to be treated. To reach different target areas of the airway tract (for example upper and lower airways) a different droplet size of the medication is needed. By changing the nebulization position between 1 to 3, the particle size of the aerosol will change, so that the medication can be targeted towards the different parts of the airways.

The Omron A3 adjustable nebulizer can be used with a variety of prescription and non-prescription medication, including isotonic or hypertonic saline solution for the treatment of respiratory infections.


1.3 positions for targeted medication delivery.
2.Complete airway treatment – For upper, middle and lower airways.
3.Reaches deep into the lungs and allows fast relief for upper airways
4. Fast treatment in less than 5 minutes


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