Jordan Clinic Interdental Brush S 10 PCS



  • Interdental brush with refillable heads​
  • Removes plaque and food particles
  • Ergonomic angled handle for superior reach​
  • Practical case for easy storage and to bring on-the-go​

The new Brush Between is an interdental brush where you can replace the brush head and keep the handle, just with a simple click! The ergonomic angled handle combined with the high-quality brush ensures superior reach and efficient cleaning. Removes plaque and food particles. The brush ensures deep cleaning to reduce and prevent inflamed gums. Use it by inserting the brush carefully into the spaces between teeth and use a gentle back and forth motion.

How to change the brush head: Press-off the used head by pressing the top of the handle together. Click-on the new head while placed in the travel case by inserting the handle



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