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SKIN MOISTURE face cream for normal skin contains 100% natural quince and is enhanced with Prebiotics.
Offers 24-hour hydration leaving the skin without shine.



The bioten SKIN MOISTURE series is a complete system based on clinical studies and the deep knowledge of the power of nature that moisturizes and effectively cleanses your skin. The bioten SKIN MOISTURE 24-hour moisturizing water burst gel cream with 88% natural ingredients offers effective, long-lasting hydration, leaving your skin soft and without shine. Its innovative gel cream formula, which looks like an “explosion” of coolness on your face, is enriched with 100% natural Quince which helps maintain the natural moisture in your skin. The Prebiotics contained help maintain the balance of the skin flora by promoting its healthy appearance. HYDRO NUTRIENT 24H offers instant hydration to the skin and extends it up to 24 hours *. * tests in vivo.

CLINICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS **: Thanks to the 24-hour hydration, the bioten SKIN MOISTURE water burst gel cream leaves your skin effectively hydrated. Its non-greasy texture.

helps to reduce sebum production in oily areas of the face.

*For Normal Combination.


Apply every day and night on clean face and neck.


  • HYDRO NUTRIENT 24H prevents dry skin by offering immediate and long-lasting hydration, increasing the feeling of comfort on the skin.
  • Quince extract maintains the skin’s moisture balance throughout the day for a perfectly hydrated skin feeling.
  • Prebiotics are nutrients that nourish and help the growth and maintenance of pre-existing beneficial bacteria, thus providing skin health.


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