Tropicana Slim Ramadan Gift Box

JOD 25.00


“Tropicana Ramadan gift box assortment of Tropicana Slim products ideal for diabetics and diets. Enjoy Ramadan katayef, Mamoul and many other sweets with these sweeteners.
1-a wooden 6 compartment tea box
2-Tropicana Slim Zero Calorie 100 Tablets
3-Tropicana Slim Sugar Free Cookies Nutty Chocolate With Chia Seed 100gm
4-Tropicana Slim Sugar Free Cookies Vanilla Dried Cookies With Chia Seed 100gm
5-Tropicana Slim Zero Calorie Syrup 350 ml
6-Zero Calories Stevia 100 Tablets
-Assortment of Tropicana Slim Zero Calorie Sweetener and Tropicana Slim Low Calories Stevia sachets “


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